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Yum Chums Ltd is a sister company of Smart and Scientific Solutions Ltd (SSS Ltd). YC Ltd.’s core mission and vision are not only in providing delectable,
gastronomically tasty premium dishes to its clientele but to be an industry leader in providing and promoting good health. YC Ltd value healthy eating and lifestyle without compromising the taste of the food. YC Ltd aims to become the support system to help everyone who aims to adapt to a healthier lifestyle without compromising quality, taste, and time. The main focus of YC Ltd is on manufacturing and distributing healthy food products with low fat content and use of organic ingredients. YC Ltd is also environmentally conscious and will use only recyclable or recycled packing materials. SSS Ltd will work with YC Ltd to make sure every product is tested for calorie content, health benefits and shelf life. SSS Ltd will also work with YC Ltd to make sure health and safety guidelines are followed in letter and spirit.